Bob in a Bikini is a Human Basilisk



   Let me tell you about Bob in a bikini.  At first sight it makes you think about of your self in a bikini ang with  dancing with a farting octopus and going to jail for dancing with a octopus and the jailman giving you candy canes and chocolate which makes you think of Santa and the Easter bunny who painted. Santa is actuly Bob in a bikini . Which brings you back to you being in a bikini.

  An advantage about Bob in a bikini is that if he by a body of waten thats deep he will take things the bikini. Then a hobo ganster will murder the squid and put on the bikini and dance in a shopping cart.  Also the hobo gan will dance when he victors.

   Another horrible thing about Bob in a bikini is that if the hobo ganster wins doge ball three times he morphs back into Bob and petrifies you then makes you think of the giant naked molerat that can poop in the sky and your dancing with a farting hippopotamas and now your a fish on land that eats your dreamland, you get Bob in a bikini away by stabbing him with a stick in the butt with a stick and shipping him  of to the restricted section.