News for Books and Blobs

(Just so you know  when indented that means a new day has arrived)

This is where you get info on all the new thins that have been happening recently.  Books and Blobs is also known as Books and Blanks to some people but it was just a typeo.  In Boooks and Blobs we create Books and more about fun things its really AWESOME!  This company is homed at Licoln Elamentary Loveland.  Its a very new but famous company and I hope you will join.  We are spending a lot of time in descusing the employe of the month so please look in to it. You get a big promotion. March is almost over and we still need some enters in the compition.  We cant change what the wiki is called so sorry if you start to type in the wrong link address.  We are thinking about a fun raiser so please tell us if you think thats a good idea but please tell us what to do in the comments.  The three creaters of Books and Blobs are going to have a meeting to see if we can hang posters on the walls.  The Books and Blobs company is getting known by lots of people now and stuff but we cant write down all of there names yet becaouse we need to meet with them so that we can get there names down.  Oh and make sher you ask in the comments any questions or comments even advice.  We are running low on books on the website and in real life we need people to write some books.  We are writing a big book called anonamis and its random funny things.  Please add some books please.

The Books and Blobs company or club is getting serius. So we are going to send out permission slips to all those people that want to be in Books and Blobs. So you will have to get your parents or guardien sign it.  Meeting will be on Mondays but warning they have not started yet. They will be from 3:35 to 4:05.